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The Event Management Experts

We are the event curators. We expertise in bringing conceptuality into ideas. Designed to suit your requirements, we personalise events while adding our signature values to your occasions. We deliver reliability, punctuality and creativity to make your event experience sublime!

Birthday Parties

We create forever Birthdays! We customise your Birthday party tailored to your preferences. Whether a Mickey Mouse or Frozen theme party or an exclusive one planned for children or the child in you, we organise your Birthday with the signature Pinata touch of course!

Anniversary Celebrations

We know how special your lives are, together. And we take extra care to ensure your special moments are indeed cherishable. Be it your anniversary party or a Frienversary to celebrate your beloved friendship or even your office jubilee, we give each the thought and perfection it warrants.

Pinata Surprises

Surprise parties can truly be delightful when designed with thoughtfulness! Starting from an innovative treasure hunt to an impromptu birthday bash without forgetting the surprise marriage proposal, we spoil you with multiple options to make your loved ones feel unique! With pre-planned Pinata Surprises, be prepared to be happily stunned!

Baby Showers

Welcoming your baby into this world is one of the most precious moments in life! But introducing your baby to the world can indeed be quite daunting! We take care of the entire Baby Shower including the idea sessions, the curios, the catering and the personalised return gifts. With Pinata crafted baby showers, you can fuss over the tiniest of details and be assured that it will be executed to perfection!

Theme Parties

Pinata gives unique and creative themes for every occasion! Right from a Harry Potter theme party to a Retro get-together to a Floral kitty parties, with Pinata themed parties, the possibilities to celebrate are infinite! With the expertise of executing novel theme parties, we lace the entire event together with balanced decor designs!

Other Occasions

We don't believe in restricting celebrations to only few chosen occasions in life. The larger joys are always shared in smaller intimate moments with our close ones and we believe in celebrating these moments; with panache! Be it an informal yet suave garden party, your pet's family induction party or a bachelor party for your buddies, Pinata caters to the entire spectrum of celebrations personalised just for you.

With a full range of Event Planning Services, our Clients have Successful & Prosperous Events!

We make your events smart & impactful by personalised event management services.
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